Insights into a Wall Street players mind

Read the Economic Warfare book. You may not agree with it or you may, but you’ll walk away better armed to understand the debate and the emotions that are ragging in this country regarding the near collapse of our banking system.

Ziad’s brings something fresh to the discussion about who’s responsible for the latest financial catastrophe – interestingly he does this from the point of view of the “right” – yes, a populous right sentiment! And, what is most enlightening to me is that I find many of my friends grappling with the same issues – friends from the right and the left asking: how do we condemn what’s happened without breaking the system that created it? And, this I think is the central point Ziad too tries to grapple with.

Most interesting of all though are the chapters on investments and how Ziad looks at making investments. Any would be entrepreneur who plans on seeking Wall Street money had better read these chapters several times. This is a unique opportunity into the mind of a Wall Street player. Money is money and Ziad has been well trained in how to invest it and deploy it for maximum gain and he makes no apologies for it – as he should.

Disclaimer 🙂 I’ve known Ziad for over 20 years and consider him a friend, That doesn’t mean I always agree with him but it does mean that I respect him and thank him for trying to shape a debate that has lost touch with the way many Americans feel.


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