ObamaCare and the Health Insurance Factor Is it what it is supposed to be?

It is clear to me today that Americans want health care; but they don’t particularly want health insurance.

Health insurance companies, however, convinced the government that they are instrumental to the delivery of health care, so the government is compelling people to buy that.

The Administration’s argument is that too many people prefer to be “free riders” — that is, they prefer not to pay for their own insurance while health care reaches an emergency status and is paid for in full by government services (such as emergency rooms).

These people, it is argued, want the security of health insurance while getting others to pay for it and while driving up prices with their emergency-only approach to health care.

So the Administration has responded to that situation by creating a system where everyone pays into the health insurance sector based on the hope that would-be free riders will get preventative care now that they’re paying for it anyway and, thus, lower their lifetime total health care expense and the proportion of that expense that will be paid for by others.

By doing so, the Administration ignores the presence (or even the possibility) of responsible uninsured, who pay out of pocket for their health care and can afford to do so.

Read More: http://financialpolicycouncil.org/blogdetails.aspx?id=62/ObamaCare-and-the-Health-Insurance-Factor-Is-it-what-it-is-supposed-to-be


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