So How do you Raise Money Today?

As Henry Kravis the king of the buyout business once said: “”Unfortunately, there is a flip side to having access to plentiful capital. It means that too many people without experience in building businesses have too much money.” How true…… which brings us to the essence of our blog . Where do entrepreneurs at large stand today in terms of capital access and how do you raise money from ever nervous private and institutional investors alike? Here are a few of Andrew J. Sherman of Dickstein Shapiro’s brilliant observations and predictions which I thought could benefit all: In the current environment, there is no capital available for bad deals, there will always be money for great/hot deals — but what about the bulk of the companies in the soft fuzzy middle? What options are still available in this turbulent market? Wait it Out / Bootstrapping • Too timely to look for capital yielding limited results • Need to kiss too many frogs • Valuations too low — Terms are too tough.Get business plans to those ready to take their dollars off the sidelines….Read More Thank You Ziad K Abdelnour


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