The Future of the U.S. Economy is in the Congo

There are $24 trillion beneath my feet right now. I’m standing upon the ground of the richest nation on Earth.    Over 70 million hard-working, French speaking, optimistic men, women and children are standing here with me.

They know how rich their nation is, but most of them are living in poverty. This is the capital city of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This is the future of the United States of America.

But which future will Americans choose? Will it be a future where the American economy is so dependent upon China for industrial minerals and cheap labor that the American Dream itself is “downgraded” to junk bond status along with its treasury bonds? Or will it be a future where U.S. policy makers and business leaders build true and lasting partnerships with business and political leaders in Africa to help U.S. companies secure access to the essential industrial minerals that are necessary to effectively compete with China and stabilize the U.S. economy? The clock is ticking. Which future will America choose?

As I type, China is moving rapidly to dominate all of Africa’s vast natural resources, which will enable China to lock the Americans out of their own future.  I have always admired the Chinese for their long-term vision and strategic thinking.

Here in the DRC, the Chinese have already begun to strategically integrate themselves into Congolese society. Living and walking among the Congolese people, the Chinese are ingratiating themselves to Congolese business and political leaders to establish their exclusive dominance over the DRC’s vast natural resources.

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