Why De Blasio Is Already In Trouble

First, let’s ponder what is really dangerous? It is the rhetoric, found distasteful by many? Or it is the groups to whom such rhetoric is intended to appeal? I contend it is the latter, the target audience, which is the danger.

Just as dangerous — and certainly relevant in terms of what to do — is the refusal among current elected leaders, in all jurisdictions and in both ruling parties, to address the unbridled selfishness of the entitlement classes (whether they be lower-income citizens or crony capitalists) and force tough discussions and a reduction of government’s control over its citizenry.

I begin by referring to the alarm sounded by de Blasio’s recent State of the City speech on February 10, 2014.

Perhaps no speech by a major elected official has used such language to this magnitude, but perhaps just as true, no citizenry may feel as entitled to something for nothing, or entitled to rob their neighbors, as that of the City of New York.

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