Balancing the Right Act–Profit v/s Non Profit

New sources of revenue: For one thing, by seeking nontraditional ways of earning income–such as running a business or developing corporate partnerships—we are becoming less dependent on mercurial sources of funding, such as government grants or individual donations, and are replacing them with a stream of income that has at least a chance of achieving self-sustaining momentum. Borrowing a concept from the corporate sector.

some nonprofit organizations out there are planning to issue “community stock” as a new way of raising money, capitalist-style. They will give people stock certificates, and their money will go into a pool that provides funding for a young entrepreneur. Shareholders will vote on how the money is spent, much as they would in a company. We at the Financial Policy Council believe this is extremely creative and are considering doing it as of the coming new year………Read

Ziad K Abdelnour


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