“Nothing is difficult” – The Lessons I’ve Learned in my Business Career

1. Take care of your health, your relationships, your career, your (ongoing) education, and your integrity. They are hard to recover when lost. When a manager or company tells you that the project in front of you is more important than any of these, it’s almost certainly not the case, and you are a fool for making these kinds of sacrifices to support someone else’s vision or career.

2. Nothing is difficult, only unfamiliar. Applies to personal or professional; “creative” and “non-creative” fields; work or life. This thought will see you through the darkest periods of self-doubt, when you hit those points when your confidence may be shaken, especially in attempting something new and especially challenging. Intelligence is only the entrance fee for success.

4. Focus on high-leverage activities.  Leverage is defined as the amount of output or impact produced per unit of time spent. This lesson applies regardless of whether you love to spend many waking hours working or whether doing something fun.

5.Don’t plan for anything, but create your own opportunities and don’t be afraid to walk through the door when it’s open.  Life works in mysterious ways and don’t let societal pressure and what you “should do” get in the way of achieving greater things than you could have ever imagined.

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