The most important lessons Ziad K Abdelnour learned in his Business Career

Over the years, one of the questions I’ve been asked most frequently is “What are the most important lessons I have learned in my business career?”

Ziad K Abdelnour

Well here are the 10 basic ones which I still apply in my everyday life.

1. Take care of your health, your relationships, your career, your (ongoing) education, and your integrity. They are hard to recover when lost. When a manager or company tells you that the project in front of you is more important than any of these, it’s almost certainly not the case, and you are a fool for making these kinds of sacrifices to support someone else’s vision or career.

2. Nothing is difficult, only unfamiliar. Applies to personal or professional; “creative” and “non-creative” fields; work or life. This thought will see you through the darkest periods of self-doubt, when you hit those points when your confidence may be shaken, especially in attempting something new and especially challenging. Intelligence is only the entrance fee for success.



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