Start Up Ecosystem In Lebanon

I recently attended the First Lebanese Startups Conference in New York City and I was frankly
pleasantly surprised by the top caliber of speakers and the spirit of Lebanese

30 speakers, 25 startups, 50 investors and 250 entrepreneurs and professionals at The Plaza
Hotel in New York City. A real inspiring event to be remembered.

Beirut is clearly rapidly shaping up to be a powerhouse for startups in the Middle East. It has
many of the key elements: A highly entrepreneurial culture; incubators and accelerators;
venture capital; and access to growth funding. In part because it is the most liberal state in
the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, and has a western-style banking system
bequeathed to it by the French a long time ago, Lebanon is uniquely poised to generate startups
which aim both at the Arab world and the wider world at large.

For More: Start Up Ecosystem In Lebanon

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