I believe there was a time before capitalism took hold when everybody didn’t have too many opportunities to make vast amounts of money without resorting to illegal or evil ways. It was a time when government (or before that the monarchy) controlled everything. Actual freedom to run with your ideas and build companies is a recent development. It happened in the US first. In other countries it’s even more recent. So even when capitalism took hold, initially it wasn’t fair.

There was a lot of what is now referred to as crony capitalism. In the US this was the time of the “robber barons”. In India, Russia, China, etc….people are still living in this “robber baron’s” age. This has enforced the idea in the common man’s mind that making money is evil. It will take some time before enough people will be able to earn significant amounts of money through honest means before this idea changes.

For More: http://ziadabdelnour.org/what-to-do-with-lebanon/

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