Videos & Radio Interviews

The Budget Deficit: How To Deal With It | With Ziad K Abdelnour Chairman Financial Policy Council

Applied Artificial Intelligence Power Summit | With Ziad K Abdelnour

Why Washington is so Dysfunctional and How We Solve that Serious Problem Permanently

Free Market Revolution -The Solution to what Ails America Today | With Ziad K Abdelnour

Preparing for the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack | With Ziad K Abdelnour

How the Coming GOP-Tea Party War Over the National Debt Will Imperil the Economic Recovery

Why There Is No Bottom In Sight For Housing | With Ziad K Abdelnour

Private Screening of the Movie: “The Bubble” | With Ziad K Abdelnour

The Murder of the Middle Class: How to Save Yourself from the Criminal Conspiracy of the Century


Welcome to the Art of Wealth Creation By Ziad K Abdelnour


FPC Board’s Perspectives on the Financial Policy Council


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